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Please use this template when presenting and describing a tool (for skills development)


Field of application

Online exercise in video conference/call, getting to know each other, activation, find similarities

Resume / Brief description


Trainer asks several questions to which the trainees can answer with yes/no. According to their answer the cover the camer with a (colored) paper or sticky note (if answer is no) or uncover the camera by taking the paper/sticky note away (if answer is yes)

Target group



  • Getting an overview and impression of group
  • Team building via similarities (same answers)
  • Activate reflection of participants (questions related to topic)




  • (colored) paper/sticky note or other (e.g. also own hand) to cover/uncover camera


As long as wished, usually 3-4 questions, 5-10 minutes


Implementation - Overview


  1. Trainer has several questions prepared to which the trainees can answer with yes/no
  2. The trainees have something to cover/uncover their cameras


  1. Trainer reads out loud one questions after another
  2. Trainees respond to the question by covering or uncovering their cameras:
    • If they can answer the question with "yes", they uncover their camera by taking away the paper/sticky note/other object
    • If they can answer the question with "no", they cover their camera with a paper/sticky note/other object

Example of application:

During the ACCESS Summer School 2021, this exercise was applied in the  following way:


Templates, Graphics for download

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