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Triangle of Commonalities

Field of application

Introducting new members to a team


Resume / Brief description


This activity helps to get to know each other when people are joining a new team. It highlights the commonalities between team members in order to strengthen the team spirit.

Target group


The activity works in every setting (adults, young people, in a work context or in seminar groups).

Group size

The group size should be 6-21 persons (the number of participants should be divisible by 3). Alternatively, a quadrangle with 4 participants per group could be arranged as well.


  • To identify commonalities between people
  • To get to know each other
  • To build a team
  • To strengthen team cohesion






One flipchart paper

One moderation marker per person per group


In an online setting the Template_Triangle of Commonalities can be shared with all participants.




20-60 minutes


Implementation - Guidelines





  1. Small groups of three participants each are formed. They are each given a large sheet of paper and three pens.
  2. Each group draws a large triangle on the paper and the participants each write their names, age and other identifying information near the corners.
  3. At each corner there is one participant. Now the participants look for commonalities. These are written either in the centre if all participants share them, or on one of the sides of the triangle if there are commonalities between two people. Special characteristics of each person can be written at the corners.
  4. Finally, the groups can present their posters to each other. For example, one person can introduce another person from his or her group to the whole (work or seminar) group.
Templates, Graphics for download


The template can be downloaded and shared with workshop or seminar participants.

Template_Triangle of Commonalities

Additional format/references:

Some more information on the Triangle of Commonalities are available at: