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Thinking Log (Protocol)

Please use this template when presenting and describing a tool (for skills development)


Field of application

Reflection, Learning process, processes

Resume / Brief description


Two persons are working together. Person A does an exercise and says outloud all thoughts that come to her mind. Person B notes all the thoughts so that they can be discussed afterwards.

Target group

(including group size)


Ideally, the group size is divisible through 2.


Making thoughts "visible", reflection and awarness of thinking processes in our minds






  • Task, e.g. text/article that Person A should read
  • Paper/blank Word document for notes of Person B

Time: ~ 30 minutes

  • 10 minutes for tandem work
  • 20 minutes for evaluation in plenary


Implementation - Overview


  1. Trainer/lecturer gives/presents the task
  2. Group is sent in tandem groups (2, max. 3, if not equal)


  1. Tandem decides who is Person A or B
  2. Person A realizes the task given by trainer/lecture and says her thoughts that she has during the exercise out loud
  3. Person B notes what Person A says, without taking notes of the task's content itself


Evaluation of thoughts noted in plenary.

Example of application:

ACCESS Summer School_Thinking log (protocol).pdf