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Field of application

Formulating opinions, questions and problems, getting to know others opinions and problems

Resume / Brief description


The students are given 60 seconds to jot down on paper some responses to an aspect of related to the current session.



Target group


Any group of students or trainees


  • The function of this exercise is solely to get a ‘dipstick’ measurement of the selected topic
  • Discover and control understanding of a subject
  • Know the problems and open questions of the trainess for clarification
  • Evaluation of an event
  • Prepare and activate for exchange on experiences (with followed discussion)





Material: maybe blank paper or prepared sheet with questions for each participant


Time: 5-30 minutes (depending on implementation; with or without evaluation in plenary at the end)

Implementation - Overview

1. Trainer gives 2-3 questions

2. Trainees respond to it briefly (one minute) by writing their responses down

3. Responses can be collected by trainer and evaluated in the subsequent session (anonymous) or be discussed openly in plenary.

Implementation - Guidelines





If you wish to know what your students learned, you can do the following:


The students can also drop the responses into a box at the front of the class, which the lecture can take to the office afterwards and read the responses to get a sense of what the students have learned, where there might be gaps in their knowledge, what aspects of the teaching practice they are responding to, and so on.


Bearing in mind that the students only have one minute to write a response, might provide prompts like the following:

  • Write down the three key things you learned in today's lecture.
  • In your own words, tell me what you understand by [insert concept here].
  • What was the most confusing point in today's class?
  • How useful was the group exercise that we did in class today? Please give details.

A yes or no answer does not help you much, so it is a good idea to

word the question so that it elicits as much detail as possible.


Other possible questions are:

  • What questions in regard of the (today's) topic are still unanswered for you?
  • What is the most important thing of today's session for you?
  • What should be clarified and trained more?
  • How do you assess the planning and enrolment of today's session
  • What do you remember of last session's topic?
  • Define in one sentence,...

Example of application:

In the ACCESS Summer School 2021 one of the applied one-minute-paper exercises was used for individual activation for the topic "learning to learn".

The used questions were:

- What interests me about today's topic? What questions do I have about it?

- What will I do to learn successfully today?

Templates, Graphics for download

Explanations in German: One-Minute-Paper_GER.pdf

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