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Brief Description:

Padlet is an Internet site that allows you to collaborate with other users with text, photos, links and other content. Each collaborative space is called a “wall”. It can also be used as a private bulletin board. Teachers and companies use Padlet to encourage creative multi-media conversations and brainstorming.


Target group
Small- to mid-sized teams
  • Almost every file type supportet
  • Easy invitation of users (no subscription needed)
  • Easy to use
Formats iOS, Android, Web-based, Browserextension
Requirements Internet
License / Cost
Free to use with reduced functionalities, paid subscriptions for full functionality
Link to Tool Padlet

Example of application:

Create a short profile board for events and add new members.


We created a template with some white space for basic informations. By hovering over the element with your curser you can select more options and copy the post.

Padlet_Screenshot_4.png                 Padlet_Screenshot_3.png  

Copy the template to the padlet itself and select a column to create the template within a particular category. After this, you can edit the post by either hovering over and select "Edit post" or via double left click into the element.

Padlet_Screenshot_2.png         Padlet_Screenshot_5.png          Padlet_Screenshot_1.png

Additional format/references:

Padlet YouTube Channel