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Brief Description:

Mural features make visual collaboration creative, engaging and productive. Guide collaboration to supercharge your meetings and workshops. Save time with 200+ ready-to-use templates for common use cases and proven methods.

Mural is great for E-Coaching. It allows to manage access on different levels (workspace, open rooms, private rooms and murals) so the coach (as an active member of the workspace) can invite coachees (as registered guests) to a coaching room or to an individual mural. In addition, not registered guests can be invited without registration to collaborate or view a specific mural. More on roles in Mural can be found here. More on workspace, room and murals can be found here.

Basically, Mural can be used to facilitate groupwork that usually takes place in a class room using post-its on a canvas e.g. for the development of a business model canvas in a group. The digital notes can be moved and adjusted by any member of the group.


Target group
Small teams
  • Access management (open or private rooms and murals)
  • Collaborative work on a digital canvas
  • Insert/upload forms, images and GIFs from its internal gallery or importing them from the computer
  • Export the collaborative work in PDF, JPG and other formats
  • Video and text chat
  • Commenting
  • Facilitators can emphasize important findings by using the celebrate function
  • Easily shared enviroment
  • File Storage
  • Project Management
  • Votings
  • Timer
  • Defining areas and giving instructions in an outline
  • Creating share links with view or collaboration rights
Formats iOS, Android machOS, Windows, Web
Requirements Internet
License / Cost
Paid subscription for workspace and active members, 50% educational discount possible
Link to Tool


  • Quite complex user and access management
  • Wide range of functions requires time for introduction to new users
  • Collaboration as a guest requires registration of users in Mural (this does not apply for collaboration through the share link)

Example of application:

Additional format/references:

Learning Mural