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Idea duel

Field of application



Resume / Brief description

This is a fast and funny game that brings lots of creative ideas to solve a problem. Designed for two players, each one has 5 "creative cards" in her hands. In its turn she picks a card and puts it into the other player space to challenge her to ideate one more solution to the problem using the element on the card as inspiration. The limited time adds emotion and wakes even more the brains. At the end, a good deal of new and original ideas has been generated.


Category: Ideation


Target group
  • Entrepreneurs
  • I&D teams
  • Innovation teams
  • Students
  • Community
Group size

2 players



Generate new ideas to solve a problem or improve a situation while having a good time. 


  • Idea Duel format
  • A deck of cards showing Images of objects, places, people. 20 to 60 cards.
  • 2 pens
  • Timer
Implementation - Overview It's a simple game that only has the following stages:
- Problem definition
- Duel
- Ideas collection
Implementation - Guidelines

1. The first phase is to clarify the objective of the ideation. It can be a specific problem to solve or just an exploration of new ideas around a topic. It also could be a "serious" problem (For example: How to avoid old people to forget their medication) or a more informal challenge (For example: Ideas to have a creative birthday party).
2. The Idea Duel format is placed on the table between the two players. The deck of cards is placed in the middle of the format, on the space designed for that purpose. Each player takes five cards to form its hand and a pen.
3. In its turn, a player selects a card from her hand and puts it into the other player space on the format. The second player will have 1 minute to think of an idea inspired by the element displayed in the card, to solve the problem. After a minute, the turn ends, even if the second player has not proposed an idea. Then the first player takes another card from the deck to complete 5 cards in her hand again. Now it is the turn for the second player, repeating the sequence. The game can last between 3 and 10 turns.
4. The winner will be the player who proposes the most ideas.

Although the competition adds excitement, the real reward is finding those new ideas generated in a few minutes.


Example of application

In a marketing agency, the Ideas Duel is a game used frequently. In fact, the Ideas Duel format has been replaced by a more elaborated version printed on strong cardboard. Often, when a creative team is "blocked" they run to the table and play a couple of duels. Some variations to the game had been introduced by the creative people of this agency. For example, the play Team Duels, where two teams of 2 or 3 ideators face each other, or the Chess timer version, where each player has not 1 minute to solve each card but 15 minutes in total to get as many ideas as she can.


Templates, Graphics for download

Ideal Duel format
Toolbox cards
WakeUpbrain digital game cards