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Building Block 1: Understanding the Core Idea and Communicating It Clearly to All Stakeholders

The more inspiring and contemporary a core idea is and the better it meets the needs, ideals and values of certain groups of actors, the more strongly it is able to generate affiliation to the community. For community development, this results in the task of formulating the core idea explicitly, precisely and attractively and ensuring that it is transported in an appropriate form to different groups of actors relevant to the core idea. Understanding the diversity of the groups of actors and responding to them is another essential challenge for community development, which is dealt with in more detail in Building Block 5, Building Block 6 and Building Block 7.


For the ACCESS context, the following questions arise:

  • Do all relevant groups of actors currently act on the basis of the same core idea?
  • Is the ACCESS core idea precisely and attractively formulated?
  • Who originally formulated the ACCESS core idea?
  • Who in the actor-network were the drivers that developed the core idea?
  • Who in the actor-network has already committed themselves to the core idea?
  • Which relevant groups of actors are not yet or not yet sufficiently aware of the core idea?

It is also important to check how the ACCESS core idea is formulated stylistically, whether it is only available in sober application language or whether it has been put into a form that can inspire, fascinate and thus have a community-founding effect across the breadth of the actor-network. Here it is worthwhile to develop new forms of verbal and visual communication in order to transport the core idea in an infectious way.