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1.1 Introduction to ACCESS Wiki

How to use the ACCESS Wiki? You find some useful information here.

1.2 Introduction to Skills Development

This small book provides an introduction to Skills Development.

1.3 Service Learning

This small book provides an introduction to the Service Learning concept.

2.1 Teamwork

A first introduction to teamwork is provided.

2.2 Tools for Collaboration

There are plenty of collaboration tools. Please check our selection.

2.3 Community Development

This book provides examples of Community Development.

3.1 Communication

This small book provides an insight on how to develop and teach communication at a university setting.

3.2 Communication Tools

This book will provide step by step more communication tools which could be used in a university setting.

4.1 Creativity Tools

There are plenty of creativy tools. Here we provide a selection of creativity tools suitable for the application in the univers...

4.2 Tools for Innovation Management

This book gives an access to several handbooks and guidelines in the field of Innovation Management developed by the SEPT Compe...

5.1 Introduction to Intercultural Competence

This book provides insights into intercultural competencies and the different approaches to develop them.

5.2 Tools for Intercultural Competence

Have a look at our compilation of tools for intercultural competence development.

5.3 Tools for Diversity Training

Have a look at our compilation of tools for diversity training.

6.1 Entrepreneurial Learning Concepts

This books provide examples of entrepreneurial learning concepts from different countries and HEIs.

6.2 Tools for Entrepreneurial Education

There are a lot of tools which could be used for entrepreneurial education. This books provides a selection of tools supporting...

7.1 Digital Communication

This book includes digital tools and platforms used in facilitating communication and interaction within and across teams. Give...

7.2 Digital Presentation

These are tools used in presenting ideas, concepts and knowledge in general. In teaching and coaching, they reinforce explanati...

7.3 Digital Collaboration

In this book you will find guidance in the field of Collaboration Platforms and Collaboration Tools