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Study and transfer

Field of application


Resume / Brief description


Suitable as an introduction to workshops, teambuilding measures or other goals. Its strategy contrasts with the typical games, which are merely funny but have no relevance to the topic to be covered

Target group

(including group size)

-         Participants:

§  Min. 8

§  Max. 52

§  Ideal: 12-32

§  Participants are divided into teams of 4


Record #expectations, explore the horizon of #experience, develop possible applications and alternative #definitions related to the topic 





-         Time:

§  20-40min


-         Materials:

§  Set of playing cards

§  Flipchart paper

§  Highlighter

§  Stopwatch

§  Whistle

Implementation - Guidelines






§  Take a set of playing cards

§  Determine the number of participants and divide the number by 4 (round up if necessary)

§  The result is the number of cards you sort out from each of the four suits of cards. Shuffle the sorted cards and use them to divide the participants into teams.



§  Instruction of the participants about the goal of the game: Collect useful information about each other and share it

§  Introduction of the four topics

o   Expectations: What do you expect from this training course?

o   Experience: How much experience and what in detail do you have regarding the workshop topic

o   Ongoing project: To which tasks you are currently working on would you like to apply the new skills and knowledge learned in this workshop?

o   Definition: How would you define the workshop topic?

§  Explain the activity:

o   Participants are divided into four groups

o   Each team is assigned one of the four topics

o   Teams should obtain information on the assigned topic

§  Time schedule:

o   3min Planning how information should be obtained

o   3min Getting information from everyone

§  3min Analyzing information

§  1min presentation of the information

§  Group classification

o   Cross: expectations

o   Heart: experience

o   Spades: current project

o   Caro: definition of the workshop topic

§  Coordination of the planning activity by the groups

§  Coordination and implementation of the information gathering activity

§  Coordinate analysis activity: record information on flipchart paper

§  Coordination of the presentation activity: presentation of results and conclusions




§  Debriefing of the results with the participants


Thiagarajan, S. (2016) p. 16-18

Additional format/references

Thiagi Gameletter (monthly Online-Newsletter from Sivasailam Thiagarajan) (24.01.2014)