Brief Description:

Conceptboard is a collaborative Whiteboard platform, which can be used for interactive online classes. It provides a lot of templates for e.g. Mind Maps and Flowcharts. Ideal for meetings, brainstorming and strategy planning in an online format.

Conceptboard makes visual collaboration creative, engaging and productive. Conceptboard is also great for E-Coaching. It allows to manage access on different levels, so the coach (as an active member of the workspace) can invite coachees (as registered guests) to a coaching room or to an individual board. In addition, also not registered guests can be invited (without registration) to collaborate or view a specific board.

Basically, Conceptboard can be used to facilitate groupwork that usually takes place in a class room using post-its on a canvas e.g. for the development of ideas to a specific theme. The digital notes can be moved and adjusted by any member of the group.


Target group
Teams of every size - small, medium or large are possible
  • Simultaneously working on boards or charts
  • Collaborative work on a digital whiteboards
  • Insert/upload jpg, pdfs or videos
  • Commenting function
  • Integrated audio- or video conference function
  • Screensharing function
  • Easily shareable enviroment
  • Creating share links with view or collaboration rights
  • Participants don't necessarily need an account to join in the collaboration
  • GDPR-compliant, hosting under german jurisdiction
Formats Access possible via Desktop PC, Tablet or mobile phone
Requirements Internet
License / Cost
  • Free use of the platform (unlimited number of editable boards, limitation of max. 100 objects per board)
  • different paid subscription options for unlimited amount of objects per board and additional functions
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  • Limitation of objects per board in the free version
  • Wide range of functions requires time for introduction to new users

Example of application:

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