6.1 Entrepreneurial Learning Concepts

This books provide examples of entrepreneurial learning concepts from different countries and HEIs.

Entrepreneurship Teaching and Learning Journey by HEIs in Rwanda

This is a typical example of entrepreneurship teaching and learning journey by HEIs in Rwanda. The case study describes how the African German Entrepreneurship Academy supported HEIs in Rwanda in shaping and transforming mindsets of the academic staff and students in terms of entrepreneurship learning.

Please see on the sidebar the follwing PDF document for download presenting a very detailed case description.

Entrepreneurship Promotion at HEI an Research Centers

Promoting entrepreneurship is an important way to job creation and economic growth. Universities play a vital role in the creation and growth of innovative small and medium – sized enterprises (SMEs). It is for this reason that a network of universities and businesses has been brought together under the umbrella “Intelligence for Innovation” (iN4iN) in order to promote entrepreneurship and innovation around the world. This E-book has been compiled by members of the iN4iN network to contribute their knowledge in the field.As the network members seek to advance knowledge and share experiences among its partners, there should also be a common medium to reach both existing and prospective partners alike. The E-book serves this purpose as a knowledge sharing reference tool.

The E-book targets staff members of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), managers of Business Development Centers, Research
Centers and all interested players in entrepreneurship promotion.

This E-book is made up of two sections. The first part consists of “Tools for Entrepreneurship Promotion” and the second part
represents a collection of “Case Studies of Best Practices in Entrepreneurship Promotion”. The two parts in combination present
entrepreneurship knowledge from different countries in very practical sense because they are instances that have been experienced and as such serve as guiding and reference materials for all who seek a diversified but clear understanding of
entrepreneurship promotion.

Intrapreneurial Learning at SEPT

This handbook aims to provide an overview of the International SEPT Program Learning Approach and our solution: SEPT Approach to Intrapreneurial Leadership. 

The first section of this handbook will allow the reader to understand SEPT learning approach and its fundamentals. The second part will clarify the concepts of entrepreneur, intrapreneur and their relation to innovation. Then, the intrapreneurial leader will be introduced as well as SEPT Approach to Intrapreneurship Leadership. The following section will explain the main components of SEPT methodology and the final part presents a conclusion.

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